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Gold Moon Coffee



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Medium-dark Roast

Note: Caramel, spice, brown sugar.

Variety: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Lempira, & Typica

Region: Marcala, La Paz, Honduras

Altitude: 1300-1700 Meters

Soil Type: Clay Minerals

Process: Fully washed and sun dried.


Transport your senses to the lush coffee farms of Honduras with our single origin coffee, featuring a medium-dark roast that highlights the unique flavors of caramel, spice, and brown sugar. Our coffee is made from a blend of five varieties, including Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Lempira, and Typica, grown in the nutrient-rich clay minerals of the Marcala region in La Paz, Honduras, at altitudes ranging from 1300-1700 meters above sea level. The beans are carefully processed using the fully washed method, which ensures that only the highest quality beans are selected and that the coffee is free from any unwanted flavors or aromas. Once the beans are washed, they are sun-dried, which imparts a unique taste that can only be found in high-quality Honduran coffee. With its medium-dark roast, our Honduran coffee is perfect for those who enjoy a full-bodied, rich coffee with a unique taste profile. Its combination of caramel, spice, and brown sugar makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a coffee that is both sweet and savory. Experience the unique and authentic taste of Honduran coffee with our single origin offering, and discover why it's considered one of the best coffee varieties in the world.

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